Roseland Cottage

Corner of Willow And Clark

Brooklyn Heights was an enclave for many former New Englanders. Once Bowen & McNamee was solidly established, in 1854 the Bowens left the Hicks Street row house for 90 Willow Street. They purchased an impressive modified Greek Revival mansion thought to be one of the most elegant in Brooklyn. Henry and Lucy filled it with high style furniture and had elaborate frescoes and other decorations installed. The house, formerly owned by banker and financier David Leavitt, was built in 1844. It occupied half a city block and was known for its colossal Greek Corinthian portico which looked out over the harbor. In 1904, after the death of Ellen Holt, Henry’s second wife, the house was sold, and razed to make way for a hotel which was never built. This view of the imposing columns is actually the back of the house, taken from Columbia Street.