Roseland Cottage

Bathing Room

The bathing room adjacent to the first floor chamber was designed with a built-in tub and toilet. It was accessed by a hallway off the dining room and by a door in the chamber (seen here to the left of the washstand). In rural areas, chamber pots were still common, enclosed in a wooden frame. In the 1860s, earth closets came into widespread use. When a lever was pulled, granulated clay from a box covered the contents of a pan underneath. Regularly, servants removed the pan and refreshed the earth. A side door in the Roseland Cottage bathing room provided outside access. The room had space for a washstand and wash set for personal hygiene tasks. Alternatively, the pieces might have been located in the chamber. Over the years, the bathing room was modernized and plumbed. It now contains a claw foot tub, flush toilet, and a sink.