Roseland Cottage

Bowens of Brooklyn

Despite Henry Bowen’s Woodstock roots, this was a Brooklyn family, happy to spend summers in the cooler, more relaxed atmosphere of Woodstock, Connecticut, but their center of gravity was New York. Furniture for Roseland was made and shipped from New York. The Independent was published in Manhattan, and the other family businesses were located there too. They were founding and faithful members of first Pilgrim and then Plymouth Churches in Brooklyn, for which they provided generous financial support. Lucy gave birth to all her children in Brooklyn. The clubs and entertainments enjoyed by family members were centered in New York. This lamp, hanging in the hall of Roseland Cottage, is a reminder of the family‚Äôs attachment to Brooklyn. It commemorates the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883. The Bowens, along with thousands of others, took part in the parade across the bridge on opening day. The lamp was originally a gas lamp, adapted probably to oil (Woodstock and Roseland Cottage never had access to gas), and then adapted again to electricity.