Roseland Cottage

Ten hand colored photos of Bowen children, all different ages, from 18 years old to one year old.


Lucy and Henry Bowen’s first child, Henry Elliott, was born in 1845, the same year they began construction of Roseland Cottage. Over the next eighteen years, Lucy gave birth to nine more children. Lucy died in 1863, four weeks after the birth of their tenth child, Winthrop Earl. The children, seven boys and three girls, are shown in birth order here. The photographs are part of the Bowen family album and, with the exception of Winthrop Earl’s, were taken prior to 1863. Henry married Ellen Holt in 1865 and the couple had one son, Paul.

Family Album

Family Album

Clarence Winthrop Bowen

Mary Louisa Bowen Holt

Herbert Wolcott Bowen

Grace Aspinwall Bowen Hardy

Winthrop Earl Bowen

Brothers and a Sister